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Rail Metal Clips Fasteners introduces
Nov 07, 2017

Rail Metal Clips Fasteners introduces withhold article is mainly to play, it is calculated by the bending and twist deformation, buckle pressure effect on the orbit, effectively guarantee the reliable connection between rail for a long time, as far as possible to keep the integrity of the orbit and stop the rail lateral movement relative to the sleeper, ensure the normal track, to ensure the safety of the rail vehicle.

Also because of the train wheel and rail contact is a rigid contact, thus inevitably produces vibration, and play a special elastic structure makes it also has the absorption of impact energy produced when a vehicle goes by, to achieve the effect of shock absorption.

Play is working under alternating stress repeatedly, it under a variety of action such as bending, torsion and fatigue and corrosion, when vehicles through, even under high transient impact load, so to play a strict performance requirements.