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Rail fastener system technical requirements - passenger dedicated line.
Jan 30, 2018

Due to the high speed and density of the passenger line train, there is a higher technical requirement for the fastener.

The fastener system for passenger dedicated line shall have the following main performances.

1. Keep track ability.

Fastener system should be kept by the steel and concrete sleeper rail board (or concrete) geometric feature stable orbit frame, which keep track and preventing further gauge, at the same time enhance track framework of bending and torsion stiffness, so as to ensure the stability of track framework.

2. Resistance to climb.

The fastener system should prevent the longitudinal displacement of the rail against the sleeper, that is, to prevent the steel rail from crawling, which requires the buckle to have enough buckle pressure and the buckle pressure attenuation is small.

It is necessary to consider the laying requirement of the seamless line on the bridge.

If the longitudinal resistance of the line is too large, it will increase the longitudinal force and the stress of the rail itself.

If it is too small, it may cause the steel rail to crawl or break the crack during the winter break.

Therefore, the design of the coupler system on the bridge should also consider these effects.

3. Spare parts and maintenance work.

Passenger dedicated track maintenance can only be carried out within a very short blockage, so it requires fewer parts and less maintenance.

This requires that the components have sufficient strength to avoid fatigue damage and significant residual deformation during the expected service life cycle.

At the same time, it is required that the fastener has better performance. When the friction and residual deformation is generated by the elastic cushion under the buckle and the rail, the resistance of the coupler is reduced, and the fastener bolts need not be repeatedly screwed.

4. Smoothness.

The fastener system should ensure that the rail has better smoothness.

Good smoothness can reduce the vibration caused by the irregularity of the track and reduce the vibration of the train, thus improving passenger comfort.

5. Damping performance.

The dynamic effect of orbit is directly related to the driving speed. When the high-speed train passes, the orbital dynamic effect will increase sharply.

Therefore, it is required that the fastener system has good damping performance, that is, a better cushioning pad is required.

Compared with a frantic jumble orbit, without a frantic jumble of track structure due to cancelled provide lines of elastic ballast layer, so it requires no frantic jumble rail fastener system has a better than a frantic jumble orbit elasticity, in order to minimize the vibration of the rail, slow down the impact between the wheel/rail.

For the ballastless track of the passenger dedicated line, the stiffness of each node of the coupler system is required to be consistent, so as to reduce the power irregularity.

Insulation performance.

In order to ensure the absolute safety of driving, the system has good insulation performance, and the track circuit is guaranteed to work normally.

Due to the particularity of railway signal system in China, the requirements of the track circuit parameters are especially high, so that the insulation performance of the coupler system in China is higher.

Vii. Steel rail height and left and right position adjustment ability.

Because without a frantic jumble of track structure fastener system directly to the rail track link together with concrete, the construction error and the change in the concrete foundation, the influence of rail height and rail to change cannot be made up like a frantic jumble orbit and dial the homework, only through a fastener adjustment, therefore, no frantic jumble of track structure used to buckle system has certain increase and the ability to adjust position around the rail to the rail.

For without a frantic jumble rail on the bridge, the beam body shrinkage and creep on the arch, the influence of technical factors, the change of the rail height is bigger, so for the sake of their fasteners used system has a bigger rail height adjustment ability