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Rail accessories manufacturers tell you that the rails can avoid the orbital wave type wear.
Jan 19, 2018

Rail accessories manufacturers tell you that the rails can avoid the orbital wave type wear.

(a) pressure rail vehicle axle load can be solved with similar lower speed is greater than 15 t line range, waveform of rail abrasion began development of rail joint or rail weld formation, tend to occur outside the curve rail, wavelength is 200 a 300 mm.

(2) in a line with a steel rail weight less than 50kx/m, the waveform abrasion of 500115mm wavelength is formed from the rail joint or welded joint.

Some literatures believe that this kind of waveform abrasion is caused by the unsmooth waviness of the steel rail when it leaves the factory, which can be eliminated by the pressure rail.

(3) on the underground railway tracks, the elastic cushion will be increased under the rail or under the pillow, which will produce the waveform wear in the curve with a radius of less than 400m, with a wavelength of about 50 mm.

(4) the "contact fatigue" waveform is sometimes worn on the curved rails of regular oil painting, with a wavelength of 150, 450 mm, and the surface of the steel rail is laminated with fatigue damage, accompanied by plastic deformation.

This kind of waveform abrasion is used in the curve internal track when the gauge is wide and the gauge is narrow.

If the line is in the air humid area this wave abrasion will develop faster.

(5) the waveform abrasion of the common waveform worn by the ground railway and the underground railway personnel is the Rutting Rutting, and the wavelength of which is between 50 and 450 mm.

(6) in less than 20 t axle load and high speed on a line, in line with large radius curve section will produce 25-80 mm wavelength of rail abrasion waveform, it will bring to the operation of the high-speed train comfort great threat, the rail pressure device eliminates the concerns.