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Quality of Rail Joints
Jul 30, 2018

Quality of our rail joints is guaranteed by a special heat treatment. When the train is running, rail joints (railway fish plates) play an important role in connecting and fastening rails as well as keeping the integrity of rails. While the speed and load of rails are increasing, it requires a higher performance to the property of rail joints. A rail joint can connect two rails with six bolts. Relying on the up and down shoulder slopes and the fastening with rails, it can support the large load during the train’s runtime, the fretting wear and other complex stresses.

The property of railway joints always changes with the rate of cooling. What’ s more, during the heat treatment , the hardness and the impact of rail joints can be different according to the degree of water quenching.

After pouring were conducted, two types of the process which are called immediate quenching and tempering processes can give out some important information. Because of the slow drop of temperature, it can lead to a high degree of the hardness. So the mechanical property of rail joint becomes more advantageous.

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