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Our country USES the shrapnel and the strip fastener
Jan 25, 2018

Shrapnel when withhold job mainly USES the bending deformation of material performance, processing is relatively simple, the cost also tend to be low, but due to the hole for the bolt fastening, prone to stress concentration at the surface bending moment both big is weakened to think big.

The arched shrapnel fastener, which was developed in the early stage of our country, is found to be easily broken in the use of bolts. The vibration produced during the passage of the train makes the shrapnel loose, and even some nuts are pulled out of the bolt.

Another gauge baffle under vibration is easy to climb to the top of the bottom of the rail, contribute to a widening gauge, because this kind of situation, the current in line Ⅰ DT, DT Ⅱ fasteners with shrapnel as withhold, other is no longer with shrapnel type fasteners on the track.

Play withhold job in article USES the bending deformation of material properties, and USES the torsional deformation of material properties (especially the circular cross section), and generally good elasticity and basically no section weakened at the same time, so the material utilization rate is higher, on the routine, generally want to withhold pressure big, good elasticity, this article elastic fasteners has obvious superiority.

At present our country on the rail and other rail transit withhold a article mostly use spring type, the form of our country play a withhold a basically has: a bolt installation omega article structure in the form of a play, such as the proper use of Ⅰ, Ⅱ play, shilong little resistance to play bridge, WJ - type 2 play, etc.;

No bolt installation pande roll type, such as play, DT Ⅵ Ⅲ fasteners with play, guangzhou metro with PR type, etc.;

There are other structural forms of bullet bars, double toe sticks, intermediate bullet bars.