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Maintenance of track Plate
Aug 07, 2017

1. After the welding press is removed, use the steel brush off the rust, and then use acid (concentration for $number) to clear the rust, so that the welding plate exposed metal color.

2. Using φ5mm 422 electrode in the corrosion zone for surfacing, because one side surfacing welding will cause the welding plate bending, it is advisable to use double-sided surfacing, so that the welding heap stress to cancel each other.

3. The welding platen on the planer will be planed by two sides, and the planing quantity is 0. 5mm.

4. If the seam of the head is cracked by planing, the Wabu should be carried out, that is, after the two sides planing the light, each piece of welding press to test the steam test, found that the water droplets, do a good mark, turn off the test steam, with the angle to the grinder in the water balloon out of the weld place to grind out the long groove or round groove, then surfacing, and then grinding the machine with a grinder.