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Maintenance of rail clips
Jul 18, 2018

Maintenance of Rail Clips:

Rail clip also suffers from extremely high momentary impact loads when the vehicle passes, so the performance of the rail clip is very strict. There are two ways to keep a long-term working condition. Firstly, ensure the quality at the rail clips production, which should know how rail clips are made; secondly, learn how to maintain the rail clips daily.

As a professional rail clip supplier, we supply a variety of standards rail clips and custom any sizes with clients’ drawing or samples. Here are several maintenance standards we summed up:

  1. Complete, keep completing rail components and reasonable matching, including tie plate, rail pad and etc. No missing, no damage.

  2. Straight, the position of gauge block, rail clips and rail pad are correct. Any deflection is allowed, so that stress evenly applied on every component.

  3. Close, rail gauge block connect with rail base, and rail chair connect the railway sleeper. In terms of no climb and gap.

  4. Oiled, oil the rail clip completely, corrosion cannot be existed.

  5. Tight, the front of rail clip and rail gauge block reaches three point contacts.

In conclusion, maintenance of rail clip not only prolongs its service life, but also keeps the rail track safety. Beside the rail clip, there are a lot of railroad fasteners supporting railway track system, such as steel rail, railway fish plate, railroad spike, rail anchor and other railway track components.If you need, welcome to contact us.