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Introduction to the suspension clamp
Nov 07, 2017

Suspension clamp according to the classification, of rotating shaft can be divided into: 1, the rotary center 2, drooping 3, carry on.

Suspension clamp (usually called ship type clamp) is by helicopter u-bolt, hull form.

This kind of wire clip wire, wire can be.

It can withstand the vertical span wires in the installation of the load, and in a normal operation or break line do not allow the clamp sliding or out of the insulator string, use the center line clip of the bearing pressure of the tower.

About maximum deflection Angle, hanging clamp has certain limits.

When ship to a certain Angle, u-shaped screw will be hanging bar block.

The maximum deflection Angle is also safe operation conditions.

Maximum deflection Angle and the tower suspension point on both sides of the conductor or ground wire to the Angle of the trailer, also with the diameter of the conductor and ground wire (wire diameter should include sling aluminum tape thickness or convenient diameter), the bigger the diameter of the farther up U screw, the smaller the maximum deflection Angle.

If is greater than the maximum deflection Angle to take measures to change such as double wire clamp, adjust the height, or special design new clamp, etc.