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How to maintenance rail joints
Jul 12, 2018

How to maintenance rail joints?

To ensure the fine use of railroad equipments, we need to maintain the rail joints from time to time in order to improve quality and avoid any accidents.

Assembling and maintenance standards for rail joints:
STEP1: Check if the bolts are well fastened and make sure no wounds or cracks on the surface
STEP 2: Keep each connected rod and locking device clear from cracks. No grinding or corrosion on the rod body or abrasion pin hole less than 1mm. Good insulation shall be maintained.
STEP 3: All iron rods’ connection is with good insulation and the insulation link between lock iron and gauge rod are both fine. At uninsulated condition, 3mm gap should be kept and not into other parts. And bolts are fastened well.
STEP 4: Ensure no cracks on the shell of the switch machine to assembling rail joints, and the installation is firm under good lock condition.
STEP 5: Ensure the oil tank circuit in good protection without damage or being buried by ballasts or other debris.