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How to distinguish different kinds of subway fasteners
Nov 17, 2017

Classification of fasteners

According to the laying of the sleeper, there are two types: wooden pillow fastener and concrete pillow.

According to the structure of the fastener, the following classification method can be divided into: rigid and elastic.

According to the structure of the sleeper: the shoulder and shoulder are not covered;

According to the connection mode of the sleeper, pad and pressing piece: open and separate;

According to the sleeper: there are wooden pillow fasteners and concrete pillow fasteners.

All the above types of fasteners are laid.


1. Rail fastener functions and classification methods

The fastener is an important component of the track, which is connected with the sleeper through the fastener.

Fixed rail fastener is correct position to prevent longitudinal and lateral displacement of rail, prevent rail tilting, at the same time also can provide the necessary flexibility, insulation performance, has certain ability to adjust to gauge, level, and simple structure, easy manufacturing, construction and maintenance, etc.

The fastener is made up of the steel rail buckle and the bottom layer of the rail.

The design principle of the fastener

The fastener should have sufficient strength, buckle pressure and durability.

On the orbit of viaduct frantic jumble, pillow, fasteners must also have good flexibility, keep track and a larger quantity gauge level adjustment, to adapt to the creep of prestressed beams and piers of uneven settlement, satisfy the requirement of vibration reduction, noise reduction, insulation.

The structure of the fastener is simple, standardization, universal and low cost.

The iron parts for the fastener should be embalmed.

2. The wooden pillow fastener is mainly divided and mixed.

3. Concrete pillow fastener

The research and development of China's fastener system has been developed for more than fifty years, and various kinds of fastening pieces have been developed.

The main types of fastener are summarized.

1. A ballast-rail fastening system

With the development and application of concrete sleeper, our country started from 1957 concrete sleeper with fasteners research, developed a variety of fasteners, such as bolt gusset plate type fastener gusset plate type fastener, 67 #, 63 # arch shell type fasteners, type 70 gusset plate type fastener, elastic fasteners, type I (play a type I raised fasteners, shrapnel type I raise fasteners, bomb II fasteners, play III fasteners, etc.

With the development of passenger line construction, a new type IV fastener and a v-type fastener are developed.

The following main introduction is commonly used several kinds of fastener type.

1.1 plate type fastener

Bolt gusset plate type fastener gusset plate type fastener, 70 #, 63 # gusset plate type fastener withhold parts adopt rigid gusset plate, concrete sleeper set shoulders, tighten bolts or gusset plate with fixed on concrete sleeper is reserved in the hole of card board, or by bottom spiral screwing in embedded in the sleeper wood casing, or use sulfur anchorage anchor into the hole of concrete sleeper.

This kind of fastener is less elastic, the buckle pressure attenuation is larger, now in the main line elimination.