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How many levels of sulfur do the screw bolt anchor?
Feb 01, 2018

Cement mortar anchor, screw spike with sulfur sulfur cement mortar by sulfur, cement, sand, and made from paraffin wax, according to the following provisions of proportion of the weight of the dosage of range selected by test of various materials: sulfur: cement: sand: paraffin = 1: (0.3 ~ 0.6) : 1 ~ 1.5) (0.01 ~ 0.03)

Requirements for anchorage materials;


1. Sulfur: 2 ~ 3 industrial sulfur, with a purity of more than 95%, before the preparation, it will be beaten evenly, such as moisture, and dry before preparation.

2. Cement: ordinary Portland cement, if there is a lump, should be screened before preparation.

3. Sand: natural gradation.

In the coarse sand, particle size is not more than 2 ㎜;

The content of mud should not be greater than 5, and it should be screened, cleaned and dried before preparation.

4. Paraffin wax: the general industry USES paraffin wax and confuses it before the preparation.

5. Miscellaneous materials shall not be mixed with sundries.