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Article Ⅰ type play and Ⅱ play. Article type Ⅲ play have what distinction, light rail article generally adopt what kind of play
Nov 16, 2017

New elastic fasteners is developed aiming at the shortcomings of the article play Ⅰ type fastener.

Science institute of the ministry of railways and professional design institute jointly developed a article of the new type of sleeper matching with play Ⅱ, Ⅲ type fastener.

Article 1. The elastic Ⅱ type fastener.

Article play Ⅱ type fastener besides play article adopts new material redesign, the rest of the parts and play the Ⅰ type fastener and general, is still the block shoulder, bolt fasteners.

In the original article use spring Ⅰ type fastener, articles are available to play Ⅱ type fastener play to replace the original article Ⅰ type fastener play.

Design parameters: a single play a pressure of not less than 10 kn, elastic range (i.e., elastic deformation) is not less than 10 mm, about 30% higher than that of Ⅰ type fastener respectively;

After the assembly is subjected to the transverse fatigue load cycle 2 million times, the parts shall not be damaged.

The strength of the article in order to improve the play button and pressure, selects the high quality spring steel article 60 sicrva as Ⅱ type play materials, yield strength and tensile strength increased by 42% and 36%, respectively.

Article in play, on the basis of optimization design, finally determine the diameter of the article play the same, the same as the Ⅰ type fastener, is still the 13 mm.

Play a Ⅱ type button fastener has the pressure big, strength safe reserve, and the advantages of small residual deformation.

Play a Ⅲ type fastener.

Play a Ⅲ type fastener is without bolt block shoulder fasteners.

The unbolted and shouldered fastener is a trend of the development of the world's national sleeper fastener, which is especially suitable for heavy load and high density transportation conditions.

Design parameters;

The initial buckling pressure of single cartridge (the minimum buckling pressure after assembly) is not less than 11KN, and the working deformation of the projectile is 13mm;

The maximum transverse capacity of the fastener is 70KN (fatigue load);

Gauge adjustment + 4-8mm.

Play article Ⅲ type fastener using embedded in concrete casting block shoulder to keep track of pillow, inherit the transverse force, to play the withhold rail, nylon pieces as insulation parts and is used to adjust the gauge.

Article play Ⅲ type fastener has the advantages of high pressure, good elasticity, especially cancelled concrete pillow block shoulder, eliminating the rail in lateral force under the action of transverse lead to gauge the possibility of expanding, so keep track ability is very strong, and because of the way cancelled the looseness, greatly reduce the workload of fasteners for maintenance.