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Article elastic fasteners Ⅰ type (A, B) Ⅱ type special fasteners
Jan 30, 2018

Type I play fasteners: article play Ⅰ type fastener for play shaped like omega, so also called omega fasteners.

The bullet bars are used to hold the steel rails, which requires a certain amount of buckle pressure and sufficient strength.

The strip is made of hot rolled spring steel with a diameter of 13mm.

The bullet bar is an important part of the 60kg/m steel rail.

There are two models of A and B, where type A is longer and is used in 50, 60kg/m rail.

50kg/m rails are divided into two types: the middle and the joint, each of which is 14 and 20, and the other is A type B bullet, except for the no.14 joint gauge baffle.

60kg/m rails are only one type of gauge baffle, which is divided into 6 and 10 Numbers.

The function of gauge baffle is to adjust the gauge distance and transfer the horizontal horizontal thrust of the rail.

The baffle seat is supported by the supporting baffle. The back inclined plane is supported on the sleeper, which requires a certain strength to withstand and transmit transverse horizontal force, and enough insulation to prevent leakage.

The thickness of the two slabs of the baffle plate is different, which can be changed and used to adjust the gauge.

Article play Ⅰ type fastener has good elasticity, and the pressure loss is small, can keep the track geometry, concrete sleeper rail has become the main type of fastener.

It is suitable for the curve section of the standard gauge railway line and the radius of 300mm, which is connected with 50 kg/m and 60 kg/m rail.

Article type Ⅱ elastic fasteners: play Ⅱ type fastener besides play article adopts new material redesign, the rest of the parts and play the Ⅰ type fastener and general, is still the block shoulder, bolt fasteners.

Selects the high quality spring steel as the material of article type Ⅱ play, yield strength and tensile strength by 42% and 36% higher than that of Ⅰ type fastener, play the same diameter.

Ⅱ type fastener has the pressure, intensity the advantage such as safety stock, residual deformation small, suitable for 60 kg/m rails and Ⅱ type or Ⅲ type concrete sleeper.

Play is 60 kg/m rails with play an important part of a Ⅱ type fastener.

It is mainly used for the prestressed concrete sleeper track with 60kg/m steel rail on the standard gauge railway line and the radius R greater than 300M, and its operating conditions are: the total weight is 60Mt. Km /km~100Mt. Km /km;

The axle weight of locomotive is not more than 250Kn;

The speed of the goods vehicle is not greater than 120km/h, and the speed of passenger cars is not so great.

The initial buckling pressure of a single projectile is not greater than 10.0Kn;

Play 10 mm.