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Anchor bolt connection fixed the correct steps
Nov 07, 2017

Anchor bolt embedment method, according to the relationship between before and after the foundation of concrete construction, divided into directly buried and buried after.

Buried is before pouring concrete, will bolt positioning, after concrete pouring molding, bolt buried;

Buried is after casting concrete, the reserved embedment bolt hole, after being concrete reaches a certain strength, insert the bolt, secondary pouring concrete.

The advantage of directly buried anchor bolt is a concrete casting molding, concrete strength and strong integrity, high shear strength;

Defect is no fixed bolt anchoring, if appear bolt positioning error, it is quite complicated.

The advantage of buried anchor bolt is bolt after have reliable support (the foundation concrete that has reached a certain intensity), accurate positioning and not prone to error;

The disadvantage is that the reserved hole part hardening shrink after concrete pouring, easy and the original concrete between cracks, reduces the overall shear strength, make the whole of the structure durability are affected.

Now cement plant is usually adopts the method of directly buried anchor bolt.

When embedding anchor bolt, molds are manufactured according to the location of the bolt, in order to accurate positioning, make sure the reference positioning, generally take the centroid as the anchor point of pillars, according to the pillar centroid and the position relationship between bolt and bolt diameter on mold positioning hole, the hole diameter is bigger than the bolt diameter 2 mm, mold 50 mm larger than bolt group outside edge, in order to guarantee the verticality, according to the thickness of the leveling layer do two pieces of the same mold, made into a have a certain thickness of the box.

In this way, the bolt after wear into the mold, not swung.

Bolt after wear into the mold, the upper screw nut to a fixed, can adjust bolt reserve level