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Analysis of the knowledge of fish plate rubber mat
Aug 07, 2017

The upper appearance of the tail plate rubber cushion is grooved, to ensure that the bottom of the rail and rubber pad has been closely touched, reduce the wear of the rubber pad, rubber pad Center with a reinforced plastic cushion side stiffness of the steel sheet, steel sheet thickness is very thin, simple roll up to carry, the width of the steel sheet and pad width is a certain share.

The rolling of tail plate is a method of producing cylindrical and prismatic cup parts with the rail plate, which can bring a flange or a flange in the opening end of the cup. You can use the indentation or two times, in order to increase its length and reduce the lateral dimension, the compressive stress mainly produces the effect of the convex die on the central part of the wool, if some other methods can be used to complete the rolling of the track tail plate on the single dynamic pressure bed to prevent the sudden wrinkle.