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Analysis of fishtail plate (rail joint splint
Jan 11, 2018

The fishtail plate (the rail joint splint) is commonly known as the road splint, which is connected at the junction of the rail.

It is divided into light rail, heavy rail and lifting rail.

The purpose of the fishtail plate: the fishtail plate is a fastener used to connect the rail to the track.

Fishplate models: light rail has 8 kg. 9 kg. 12 kg. 15 kg. 18 kg. 22 kg. 24 kg. 30 kg. Light rail fishplate aka plywood, heavy rail, 38 kg. 43 kg. 50 kg. 60 kg, crane rail QU70. QU80. QU100. QU120 aka crane rail oblique joint plywood.

There are BS47 and UIC series in foreign countries, such as BS80A, BS75R, UIC60 and UIC54.

There are four holes and six holes.

Fishtail plate material: according to the material: nodular cast iron, Q235 rolling, forging.

Fishplate manufacturer.