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About Rail Metal Clips Fasteners
Sep 22, 2017

The Rail Metal Clips Fasteners is a part which is used to link the rail and sleeper (or other type of rail) in orbit, and it is also known as the interconnecting part.

Its function is to fix the rail to the rails, keep the gauge and prevent the rail from moving in the direction of the sleeper.

Include a spike, track pad, and elastic or rigid pressing.

The Rail Metal Clips Fasteners should be able to maintain the reliable coupling of the rail and the sleeper in the long term, and to give full play to the cushioning and damping performance under the dynamic action, and to delay the accumulation of residual deformation of the track.

Therefore, it is required to have sufficient strength, durability and elasticity, and should be simple to install and disassemble.

In addition, for prestressed concrete sleeper, the fastener should also have sufficient buckle pressure and gauge and horizontal adjustment.

A joint part of a wooden pillow for connecting rails and wooden pillows.

The relationship between the steel rail, the mat and the wooden pillow is divided into two parts: the split and the mixed.

The separation type fastener is to separate the fixed rail and the fixed iron plate bolts or the studs.

It is commonly used to fix the iron pad on the sleeper, the iron plate has the socket groove, the bolts of the fixed rail are mounted on the iron plate, and then the rail is fixed with a bullet or gusset plate.

The hybrid fastener is made up of iron pads and nails.

Connect the steel rail with the iron pad and the sleeper directly with the head spike (square).

The buckle pressure is small, in order to prevent the steel rail longitudinal crawling, need more anti-climbing equipment.

Concrete pillow fastener

A joint part of a concrete sleeper that is used to connect the rail and concrete sleeper.

The concrete pillow, due to its large weight and high rigidity, has a high requirement for fastening, elastic and adjustable.

Concrete pillow fastener, according to its structure can be divided into bullet rod fastener, gusset plate type fastener, shrapnel type fastener (see concrete pillow fastener) 3 kinds;

The elastic can be divided into rigid fastener and elastic fastener according to the fastener itself;

According to the concrete sleeper, there are two kinds of shoulder - retaining and shoulder - retaining.

Chinese concrete pillow fastener, in the early stage mainly use the plate type and shrapnel type two kinds.

The arched shrapnel type fastener is not used on China railway because of the low strength of arched shrapnel, which is easy to cause residual deformation and even fracture.

And the buckle type fastener is made by the use of the buckle plank as the buckle, the flexibility is insufficient, the buckle pressure is low, easy to loosen in the use process, has been gradually replaced by the bullet type fastener on the Chinese railway.

Elastic strip type fastener article using play as burke, using bending deformation and torsional deformation of material, and there exists no problem of cross section of the weakened, structure more reasonable, thus concrete sleeper rail has become the main type of fastener.

Article is using the main type of fastener for play Ⅰ type fasteners, with the development of overloading high-speed rail, in recent years has been successfully developed article play Ⅱ Ⅲ type fastener, etc.

Among them, the Ⅲ type fastener for without bolt block shoulder fasteners.

Gusset plate type fastener consists of gusset plate, screw spike, spring washer, iron and buffer plate, screw spike with sulfur cement mortar anchor in concrete sleeper support rail station in the hole, then use will gusset plate fastening bolt.

Article article elastic fasteners play Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ type.

Play Ⅰ type by omega play, screw spike, gauge apron and rubber mat.

Its buckle pressure is insufficient, the play distance is small.

Play Ⅱ type of appearance is same as the article play Ⅰ type, cheng is not less than 10 mm.

Button type pressure article is playing Ⅰ increased.

Article play Ⅲ type is no shoulder fasteners, suitable for big traffic volume, high density transportation conditions, it has a button pressure is large, the advantages of good elasticity, especially cancelled concrete block shoulder, eliminates the rail bottom under transverse force is the possibility of horizontal displacement.