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A few difficult points in the work of the railway accessories shot blasting
Jan 19, 2018

A few difficult points in the work of the railway accessories shot blasting.

1. The amount of work is large.

At the beginning of the founding of the Chinese railways running average velocity from less than a few tens of kilometers per hour, so far, nearly 300 kilometers per hour speed, each passenger car accessories in ensuring safe operation has played a key role in the process, the original bus some wear pin, connecting rod and other accessories need not conduct inspection maintenance, now is strictly detection during the maintenance period, and in order to guarantee the detection results are accurate, we must first shot blasting derusting, the workload is self-evident, exponentially, but our country railway now used widely in shot blasting derusting equipment low working efficiency of the fact that does not dispute.

In the future, the improvement of shot-blasting technology must take this into consideration, so as to help workers improve the efficiency of rust removal and shorten working hours.

2. It is difficult to remove the parts.

Since the 1980s, China's railway industry has undergone profound changes, with a qualitative leap from 30 years ago.

The technology content increases greatly, the maintenance process standard becomes more strict accordingly.

The same is the train, the relative different model, its related vehicle parts are different, the technical parameter each have different, this gives the vehicle fittings to remove the rust to remove the work to bring a lot of difficulty.

3. The cost of blasting and removing rust is high.

The working principle of the shot blasting machine is to hit the steel shot with a diameter of about 1mm in the form of high-speed projectile motion to the surface of the passenger car parts to be repaired.

When cleaning the surface of the parts, it also produces a lot of steel shot consumption.

Sometimes equipment operators, in order to achieve strict quality derusting, blind increase blasting derusting, such not only can produce a large amount of consumption of steel shot, also caused the vehicle parts cleaning, derusting, damage to the structure of ontology affect its service life, severe cases will cause scrap vehicle accessories.